A house move is a big undertaking which takes months of preparation and a significant budget. There are many things which may go wrong when relocating unless you have the right assistance. One of the toughest things to do is to move to a smaller place. Whether you are relocating from a house to a flat, or you are moving an older family member to a care home, downsizing has its own specific tasks. Most people dread moving house because they need to go through each and every item and decide whether to keep it or junk it. Another problem is the packing process which is time-consuming and requires plenty of efforts. If you need to downsize but you don’t know where to start, the following tips will help you get through it successfully.

• Identify a space for your extra belongings: This is a hard task, because there will be lots of things that you don’t want to part with just because you are moving to a smaller place. And why should you? Some of your belongings might go to your children or you can sell them in time. Keep in mind that the process of going through everything you own and determining whether you can keep it at the new house/flat can take weeks or even months. It also takes lots of honesty to admit that the clutter you’ve been storing for years is really just rubbish.

• Have a layout of the new house: This is a must and without it you wouldn’t be able to proceed with the plan for downsizing. You will have to think where to put each piece of furniture, appliances, sheles, etc. If you want to keep as much as possible and not sell it or put it in a storage unit, then you need to be smart and creative when utilizing space. Use boxes to store smaller items and arrange them on shelves. If you don’t have space for all your books, keep them in boxes in the basement or in the garage. You have to assess the space correctly in order to arrange most of your belongings and furniture. Measure the pieces of furniture and get over the fact that your new home won’t look exactly like your old home. It might not even be that comfortable, but you need to accept this and make the best of it.

• Be creative: This is a top rule when downsizing – think of crafty ways to use space and the height of the rooms too. Change some furniture pieces for more compact ones if you can afford it. Junk all the stuff that you don’t use anymore and you will see that you can easily live with less clutter. You can find plenty of great design and arrangement ideas in magazines and on the Internet.

• Take the opportunity: If you are used to living with many belongings around you, you will need to change your habits. Create a more clean, minimalistic design in your home and you will soon realize how much easier this is. Getting rid of old belongings and clutter is not easy, but once you start you will see how good it makes you feel. Take the opportunity to create a beautiful new home for you and your family, even if you don’t have as much space as before.

Make use of these simple tips for downsizing and there will be no reason to dread the upcoming move.

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