Before you endure the big ask of packing for a move, make sure you plan out your resources and materials for packing-up and you have everything you need for a smooth move; vital tools for moving are boxes and packing supplies. And when transferring goods from one place to another, these boxes and packaging materials simply cannot be anything less than high quality. Unless you’re expecting damage and wear and tear, make sure you’ve got durable boxes for carrying your goods, especially those more important and valuable items.

You can get hold of moving boxes crafted from double cardboard from removal companies, storage companies, box stores or large warehouse stores. Because they use these to hold their heavier goods, these will be perfect for say your kitchen accessories or ornaments. Crates are also great for carrier valuables, just make sure you wrap items up individually and carefully seal them. You can collect crates from local supermarkets too. When choosing moving boxes, make sure they have been assigned an ECT (edge crush test) rating to evaluate their strength and durability, dependent on size. You’ll need to be prepared to pay slightly more for a stronger box with a high ECT rating but when moving valuables, this is probably the safest way to do so. Each removal box comes in a different size built for fitting into removal lorries and vans. In comparison, if you have a lighter load of goods such as clothing, you can get hold of normal cardboard boxes and crates from local charity shops and supermarkets.

Professional removal companies and hired help use standard box sizes making it easier for them to determine how to best organise the load for maximum efficiency, as well as added security and extra protection. If you opt for non-standard sized moving boxes, you’ll probably endure damage and wear and tear. Pay a little extra for stronger boxes and gain better peace at mind for your move. Of course, sizes depend really on what you’re taking. Discuss box sizes with the removal company of your choice and have a look at the selection available online. When it comes to specific strengths and uses, it’s probably a safer bet to discuss with a professional company rather than second-guessing yourself and ending up with inadequate moving materials. If you’re planning on moving heavier items such as books or ornaments, use smaller and stronger boxes but go for larger boxes when it comes to clothes and much lighter options. A tip to consider is that stores tend to be more expensive when offering moving boxes so shop around online or even in person to get the best deals and price for whatever suits your personal budget and circumstances.

Saving money when moving house is normally at the very top of a person’s agenda. Packing supplies is always going to be a big concern. The key is to remember that investing in better quality and long-lasting durable supplies will mean better protection for your goods and an easier, safer move overall. Most professional moving companies offer the option of providing full packing services including all of the moving boxes and packing supplies as part of the moving service. This could therefore save you a lot of money in the long-run rather than enduring a ‘do it yourself’ job and causing high costs worth of damage and replacements. The choice if yours, but make sure you’re aware of what’s available for you and on the market and your supplies will mainly depend on how much you are moving and how heavy your goods are.

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