Doing a house move is a big challenge for every family and there are many basic rules that you should consider before you start with the preparation. Before you invite the moving company to visit your home, there are plenty of questions to ask via the phone or the e-mail. In a way this is your official interview of the moving company that you are considering to hire to do your relocation. If you don’t want to waste your time with a removals company that doesn’t meet your needs, then these are the things you should ask in the very beginning.

1.    The Registration Number
Every reputable moving company should be registered and hold a valid license in terms of safe transportation and services. If the company doesn’t have such a registration number, it is time to continue your search. It’s not worth risking your move with a company that doesn’t have the necessary license.

2.    Rates/Estimates
Ask about the rates of the moving company – they should be able to provide you current information on the rates per kilometer and weight. Some companies provide rates that are based on cubic feet of the moving truck – avoid hiring such a company. If you are only doing a local or short-distance move, ask whether the company can only charge you per hour. Moreover, the estimate should be provided in written form with all the services included. If the company deprives you of information on the move, this is a sign that you might be dealing with a rogue mover. Over the phone you can only get an approximate binding or non-binding moving estimate, but after a visit to your house, the moving company should be able to work out the final and precise fee. The estimate should also state the payments options and the date of the move. Another sign of a rogue mover is a company that accepts only payment in cash and also doesn’t give you written proof of the insurance.

3.    The Additional Fees
There are many additional fees that come up during the moving day which can make the fee rise up a lot. Unfortunately, lots of people who move house are not even aware of these and what they can do to avoid paying extra charges. Delays, distance, obstacles on the parking lot, using elevator and stairs are just some of things that are being charged extra. If you don’t want to end up paying double the initial estimate browse more information on the topic and best – talk to the moving company about these charges.

4.    Additional Transfer
If you are doing a long-distance move, keep in mind that some companies might need to transfer your belongings from one moving truck to another along the way. Such an additional transfer increases the risk of loss and damage, so make sure you ask before you hire the mover.

5.    Insurance
This is a very important question, so don’t skip it. The moving company should provide you with a coverage for your belongings at an extra cost. The insurance is usually according to the weight of your shipment so if you have valuable items you might want to consider an additional insurance of a third party.

Don’t forget that choosing the right mover for your relocation is essential for the success of the move and the safety of your belongings. The above-mentioned questions are the absolute basics of researching the company.

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