Moving home is never easy, but there are ways to reduce stress by being organised and methodical in your approach. Consider the following tips as a useful guideline for a stress free pack-up:

1. Time to De-Clutter!
A trip to your local supermarket will provide ample free boxes for unwanted items. Start at the top of the house and exercise the knife. Fill boxes and bin liners with unwanted clothes and shoes. Consider whether any items could be sold online or at a car boot sale. Books that have been read and toys that a child has outgrown must go. If you are near breaking point already and can’t face this, what about all those Charity Shops on the High Street?

2. Repeat the same process downstairs!
We all horde unwanted items – such as that coffee machine that’s been broken for years. Bin it, or better still, recycle all that you can. Local Council Dumps are a great place to start. Many are free of charge to use providing you can show proof of address. If you can’t face driving there to do it yourself, for a small fee you can arrange for the council to collect and take away unwanted items, particularly large and bulky ones.

3. Time to get Serious!
Invest some time in acquiring boxes of different shapes and sizes. Supermarkets, off-licenses and retail stores are a great place to start. Pack one room at a time starting with the attic if you have one. You will need strong tape, self-seal bags and markers. Remember to record on each box where it should go in your new home – bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, for example. Do not overfill boxes as they may end up being too heavy to move. All hazardous chemicals such as paint and bleach need separate packing away from your normal gear.

4. Starting Early Always Helps!
Remember that packing takes longer than you think, so start early. You can begin with items that you do not need on a daily basis. Packing away photographs and pictures is a good place to begin, as are vases and decorations that are not used on a regular basis. This way you avoid ‘living out of a box’. With the move-out date looming closer, then you can begin to pack away all those essentials.

5. Keep Important Documents Safe!
Also keep important documents in a separate bag so you know exactly where they are. Items that need careful storage would include passports, driving licences, birth certificates and marriage certificates. This is a good time to also consider setting up a Royal Mail Redirection for post to your new address.

6. The Essentials Box!
Pack that all-important essentials box. It won’t be possible to unpack everything when you arrive at your new home. Consider this box an emergency box, or what you would take for a weekend away. Include in it toiletries, nightwear, and a change of clothes. Remember to also have at hand cereal, tea, coffee, sugar, milk – there’s nothing more satisfying as an instant cuppa in your new home!

7. Don’t forget your old friends!
It’s easily overlooked. If you find yourself dragging your heels before starting to pack make an email list of your friends noting your new address and send it. It’s a tick off that long list. You will thank yourself for having done it.

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