There are many storage warehouses in and around London which provide security as well as the safety for items stored there by individual customers. Self storage is not only used for personal use but is widely utilised by large businesses and corporations. Whether the items stored are personal valuables or things which are of no use for the time being, such as seasonal equipment, most anything can be placed in storage. Many times people tend to throw away things which cannot be used at a particular time because of a lack of space. These items could be of use in the future, if you just had a place to keep them. Such items can be stored in these storage warehouses and can be taken out of storage when the need arises.

Storage in London is very popular among students who have limited space in their houses to store their old books and files. There are loads of colleges and universities in and around London, which bring in lots of new students every year. Because there is so much moving around there are bound to be problems with relocation and storage. Students often relocate at the end of the term, and therefore they need to collect, deliver and store their personal belongings, sometimes more than once per year. These storage options act as a great help to the students as they can store in their valuables and keep them in these storage units for as many days as they like. These storage facilities are not only places to store things, but sometimes offer collection and delivery services as well. So busy and stressed-out students can save time when they should be revising. For collection and delivery services, a small fee is charged according to the size and weight of the load. This fee may also vary according to the specifics of the items and the duration for which they will be stored. This service is not only popular among students but also with people who frequently travel to different locations for work or holiday.

Most storage units can be accessed through a code which is secure and is only given to the customer. Self storage guarantees the security and safety of the boxes in which things are stored and furniture or other items kept there. The warehouses are monitored by CCTV 24 hours. A fire alarm system, high security alarm and trained professionals take care of the security. When valuable goods are stored, there is often a provision for insurance which in many cases is provided by the self storage company.

Many storage facilities are open 24 hours and 7 days a week and customers are free to visit their units anytime they like, but not all storage warehouses offer constant access. There are some storage warehouses which only open during fixed times and charge a fee if unlimited access is granted. The price is determined according to the size of the unit. Some storage facilities charge an extra fee for fragile goods packing and for delivery and collection services. Nonpayment of the rent can cause a placement of liens on the stored goods, which are later auctioned. These storage facilities have proved to be of great help in decluttering and organising many homes, office and dormitories. Some storage facilities also provide services like packing and the transportation of goods from one location to another. Storage warehouses have truly provided a solution to the space problem that many people face.

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