Being in between apartments can be a stressful time – whether you’re crashing at a friend’s, staying at a hostel, traveling or have even resigned yourself to moving back in with your parents for a while – being without a permanent home is never a pleasant experience. However, in the climate of a recession, it is an increasingly common position for renters to find themselves in. Of course, there is always a bright side. Not being tied down with a contract gives you time to explore your options, perhaps do a bit of traveling or consider a more permanent relocation. It lets you explore the market and figure out the housing situation that would suit you best. However, being without a permanent place to call home presents it’s own set of challenges. You have to think on your feet and face unexpected challenges. One of these is storage. If you suddenly find yourself without a permanent roof over your head, you not only need to figure out what to do for yourself, but also for the piles of belongings.

Usually you can find either a friend or relative willing to put a few boxes in corner somewhere. Particularly if you’re traveling with very few belongings, in which case you may even be able to take them with you wherever you’ll be staying. However, if you decide on this option, there are a number of drawbacks.

First of all, the typical home doesn’t usually provide a lot of storage space. This means that your precious possessions are very likely to end up shoved in a corner somewhere, gathering dust and cobwebs. Often, they may even get damaged. For example, people usually use the least comfortable room of the house for storage and that often means moisture, mould, mildew and the like. This won’t always happen of course, but there are quite a few horror stories out there that go along the same lines.

Now, this isn’t to say that a similar thing can’t happen if you enlist the services of a storage company. However, unlike out hypothetical friend of relative, a good storage company will provide insurance. This is more a policy to assure you that the company will be held responsible, should they mess up and that this will, therefore, stop them from messing up – in short, the insurance isn’t there to be claimed, but to make sure that you never have any reason to claim it.

Now, a notable benefit to self storage as opposed to a storage company is obviously the price. However, depending on the volume of the items that you need to store, there may be ways to counter the cost of hiring a storage space. The best idea would be to share the costs. If you know someone, who also needs some items stored, but not enough to justify hiring a storage space, why not team up and split the costs? The price can be reduced even further, if you team up with more than one person. This option is particularly good for students or people who tend to move around a lot and therefore do not acquire a lot of belongings.

Another option that is usually available to students is using a discount – a lot of companies provide student discounts and special offers, particularly during summer. You can get a serious discount even without being a student though – simply do your research and compare and contrast prices. And don’t forget to make sure that you’re hiring a reputable company – get recommendations and always check the company’s credentials.

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