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Removals UK CompanyThere are few experiences that can be more unpleasant that a bad move. Air travel these days can often be unpleasant and traffic on the motorway is certainly not a nice way to spend an afternoon. But a poorly organized and badly executed removal can leave a bad taste in your mouth for months afterwards. There are many things that can make a removal unpleasant. Broken or damaged items are usually a major concern and a problem. Delays can be quite a nuisance. Another aspect of an unpleasant removal that can really sour you on the experience is customer service and how the movers and drivers interact with customers. At Moving Company we won’t tolerate any of the situations that lead to unpleasantness for our customers.

We guarantee that your items will arrive at the destination completely unscathed, a guarantee made even stronger when our experienced movers do the packing for you. But for extra security, there is always insurance, which we always include. There are plenty of other ways that your household goods can get damaged aside from a broken cup or plate in one of the boxes. Your upholstered furniture is susceptible to tears or stains and dampness can certainly be a problem when the weather isn’t cooperating. Wooden furniture can be scratched by moving equipment or inside the van. Clothes can be ruined by damp or something that leaks in the bed of the moving vehicle. All of these problems can really ruin your weekend and make your removal particularly unpleasant. But our company always take the proper measures to ensure that none of the above problems occur.

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Arriving at your new home after the long process of a removal should be a relief. You may be exhausted, but you are finally in your new home and should be able to relax and get comfortable. But if you start unpacking those boxes, it can be pretty hard to relax if you come across chipped dishes or cracked glasses, broken souvenirs or antiques. That’s why we always employ the proper packing techniques. When you hire us for a UK Removal, we can also do the packing for you to ensure that everything arrives just as it left the old place. Some items call for bubble wrap, some for paper. Small boxes should contain the heavy items, while in most boxes, heavier items should go on the bottom. There are plenty of rules when it comes to packing, not least of which is to follow common sense. But if you are strapped for time and you are doing all the packing on your own, it can be easy to make some common mistakes… which can easily lead to broken or damaged belongings. We don’t let that happen, however.

Removals uk ServicesNor do we allow for mistakes when it comes to loading the moving vehicle. We load furniture and boxes carefully and expertly so that there is no room for movement. Sometimes this requires that furniture be disassembled. No problem there – we’ll make sure that everything is wrapped and protected, too. The proper loading of the moving van or lorry is harder than one might think. Often, when people attempt a removal on their own, loading the van properly is the most troublesome part of the whole removal. Wrapping your furniture with what looks like saran or plastic wrap is a good idea to protect against scratches, but it can also keep rain off your furniture and dirt at bay as well. No matter how careful you are and no matter what the weather is, it is always possible for dirt and damp to find their ways onto your furniture if everything is no properly wrapped.

Another big problem with many removals are delays. Moving Company ensures on-time delivery by dispatching our movers with GPS systems, so there is no getting lost. When we schedule your removal for a particular time of day, you can expect us to show up when we promise. We know that a delay in your removal can cause a host of problems, including schedules you may have with cleaning services or other removal service companies. That’s why we stick to our schedule so that you can stick to yours. Even if you are just moving a few pieces of furniture or some boxes to storage, our Moving Company will always come through with on-time delivery.

The last complaint that we hear from customers who have been disappointed by other UK Moving Company is that the customer service representatives were not available by phone to answer questions and that they often had to wait on hold in order to get information that they needed. We promise never to let that happen and we only employ the best customer service representatives who are always available to answer your call on 020 8746 4336 and provide you with helpful information or answers to your questions. Try it now by requesting a free quote. What have you got to lose? It’s Free!

By making sure that we focus on the areas of our Removals UK that other companies don’t do a good job at, Moving Company comes out on top of the competition. We have drivers with years of experience driving your belongings safely to your new home or office. We have movers who know all the important techniques for proper packing and loading of the moving vehicle, including proper handling of even the largest pieces of furniture. And we have fantastic customer service available at all times. Each of these components is key to a successful removal. But we aim to go beyond successful Removals UK and to make removals pleasant. By ensuring that everything runs smoothly and on time, we can provide you with a pleasant experience during your removal and you can focus on the excitement of moving into a new house or flat. Call us on  020 8746 4336 to test us out for yourselves. A free quote for your Removal is just a call away.

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