Is your kid all grown up and about to leave the nest to start college? If this is your first time to say good bye to one of your little ones this can be a tricky time for both of you. Your kid is about to set a foot into a new world and taking this step is huge and exiting, let’s make this step as easy for everyone.

Your child has been depending on you their whole life and is now about to take one step back and let others become that safety that you have always been every day. Friends will take a bigger part in their life and other adults such as teachers and coaches will become role models. It is with mixed emotions you let your kid leave, of course you are proud that he or she is ready to take a leap into a new world, but still thinking worried thoughts and sad feelings that they are leaving the safety of the home. This is normal and being confused is nothing wrong.

Of course this is a trying time for your child as well even if they might not show it to you. He or she maybe wants to put on a brave face for you since they don’t want to let you think that they are not ready for this. So all the time let them know how proud you are and that there are nothing to be nervous about.

Try not to be too much in control, even though you feel like this is your last chance to actually be the parent. Let them be in control and just make sure that they know that you are there to support them. Of course you shouldn’t take that big a step back, of course let them know that home will always be home and the door will stand open no matter what. Even if they take a leap into the world, they have to know that they have a safe spot. One thing that you should suggest for your child is to go online – if they haven’t already done that – since many new college or student groups are easy to find there. Let them look for new contacts before their move so that they have someone to look forward to meeting.

A small student room may not seem that big but for a fresh man it might feel like it’s too big so go through the list of things that the student needs to bring with them to the new room. And go for some shopping.

See this as an opportunity to stop planning every detail in your child’s life; you won’t be able to follow their every step anymore when they’re off so see this as a transit. Let your kid be the one in charge of the planning; be there for them but just as support.

You have probably learned by now that pushing questions on to your child can be seen by them that you don’t trust them to handle things themselves. As said, be there for them and trust that your years of guidance and raising them have given result.

All the time let them know how proud you are and make sure that they know that they are ready for this. A supporting parent is always needed, even if it is from a far.

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