If you’re looking to move into an area of London that has great transport links to Paddington, Notting Hill and Oxford Street, whilst retaining a chic sense of London at its best, with wide streets and beautiful architecture, then the chances are, you’re a Bayswater mover! As with the whole of London, there are a wide variety of types of housing to be had in the area, from council owned tower blocks to enormous town houses, however, then majority of the property in the area are flats contained in beautiful terraced housing, and the prices for such properties reflect this!

Nevertheless, if you can afford to do so, it is a great place to live, a stone’s throw from Hyde Park and all the shopping one could need just east of Marble Arch. Should you happen to be buying one of these wonderful flats, there are a great number of ways in which to make the best of your new space and utilize its full potential in a stylish way.

Should you be lucky enough to buy a flat or house that has already been done up, then it’s likely that you already love the interior. There are still ways in which to make it your own however, and to take back some of the building’s personality from the interior designer.

Furnishings are one, use rubs and cushions that tell of you as a person. If the space is stark and minimalist, then bring a touch of your warmth to it with plush furnishings in reds and yellows, brightening up rooms as you do yourself. If the space is traditional, then chic new furniture and muted tones in your furnishings are what you need to show off your taste. Combining old and new is a sure fire way to make a room interesting, an angular patterned rug on a dark oak floor will offset the two nicely.

If you have bought a property that has yet to be updated, or if you want to change your place’s look completely then there are a great many more options available, and of course, you’ll have your own desires for how the place will be styled, but there are a few simple tips that should be followed in order to keep your property classy as well as stylish.

Should your property be a period conversion, then make sure to show it off! older houses in the area are often full of beautiful period features like cornicing, egg and dart architraves, plaster fittings, tall ceilings and door frames to name a few. Be sure to retain these character features, they will only compliment your living space if treated with respect, and can look amazing up against the latest styles, in the same fashion as old meets new mentioned above.

Highlight the old detailing if you’re planning on painting a feature wall a bright colour, so that the eye is drawn to the history of the building as well as the modern context of the new owner, and whatever you do, don’t be tempted to chip any of these plaster details away, as it will drastically reduce the resale value of the property, no matter how good the renovation! The use of modern brutalist materials in conjunction with the older features should work wonders, concrete, granite and marble will make kitchens and bathrooms sleek and edgy, while drift wood and beech type softwoods in the living areas will make your living rooms and bed rooms contemporary yet still feel warm and homely. Furnish as you would your coziest fireside, and be safe in the knowledge that your beautiful house reflects you as well as your new area.

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