Pictures, and paintings as well as mirrors are some of the most fragile items that are packed for a home removal and they are the most prone to be damaged during a home or office removal. Proper packing techniques should be taken when moving these kinds of items in order to keep them unharmed during a removal and it is just a fact of their nature in general. Anything made from glass or that has glass in it should be packed with care.

Using the right packing materials:
Having the right materials for packing at your disposal is vital for packing these fragile pictures, paintings and any items made of flat glass such as table tops and mirrors. The first thing need is bubble wrap, this is basically a necessity when packing and moving these types of items. Bubble wrap will create a nice comfy barrier of protection around these types of items. Another vital material is tape. Tape is needed to hold the wrapping used for these items in place and if there are boxes involved then tape will be needed to keep the box sealed. Something else that should not be gone without are fragile stickers. Fragile stickers will help to identify the boxes content as fragile to people that may be handling the boxes aside from yourself.

Mirror boxes:
A mirror box is a specially designed box that is made to carry items like mirrors pictures and paintings as well as flat glass items like windows or table tops. A quality mirror box is made with thick walls and comes in many different sizes. These specialty boxes are also commonly telescoping and can accommodate many different sized items with universal sizes. Some of the key points to remember when using these specialty boxes is that they should not be loaded so heavy that they will give out the normal maximum is 50 pounds, as with any other boxes. Although, it is possible to find stronger made mirror boxes to accommodate heavy table tops. Always check the tinsel rating, which is the basically the rating that will determine how much weight the box can hold efficiently. Specialty boxes such as the mirror box can be found at removal companies that offer the option of purchasing moving supplies.

Things to remember:
When flat items are packed, even if they are packed correctly, they must be handled with care and loaded as well as stacked correctly. This means they should never be laid flat, these types of items should always be laid on their sides. If they are laid flat they gave easily give and break even while they are inside of boxes. Just like any other fragile item they should also be carried properly and this means carrying them on their side too. With this little bit of preparation all the wonderful paintings, pictures and mirrors or table tops will arrive safely at their destination and there will be no chance of injury due to broken glass. Remember to take advantage of mirror boxes as much as possible when moving items of this nature.

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