Different Types of Packaging for Different Types of Removals

Packing and boxes LondonWhile many removals companies and packaging supplies companies offer a wide range of packing materials and moving boxes, it can be difficult to know just what you will need for your home or office removal. Each house and each office is different and has a different set of contents, so when deciding what to go in for in terms of packing supplies and cardboard boxes, how do you know what to choose? Moving Company is provides our customers with several options. You can purchase pre-determined moving packs that include a certain number of each type of moving box – linen, book, small, medium and large, double-walled and more – or you can work with one of our removal advisors to determine exactly the right amount of moving supplies that will be right for you.

Moving kits can be quite convenient and can save you money, if you really need everything that comes in the kit. For a one-bedroom flat, your kit might include five small boxes, five medium boxes, some bubble wrap, mattress and furniture covers, a tape gun and labeling pens. But you may have more or less furniture than what the kit provides for, and if you have a whole wall of bookshelves in that one-bedroom flat, you may need special book boxes or stronger ones that aren’t included in the kit. If you have an extensive collection of china or breakable items, a bit of bubble wrap might not cover your needs.

A moving kit for a much larger place – four bedrooms, for example – simply includes more of each item (usually each item times four). Plus there may be some packing paper and an extra tape dispenser and additional furniture covers. These kits are designed based on what can reasonably fit in a four-bedroom home. But if you use one or more of the bedrooms for different purposes – a sewing room, for instance, or a home office – you may not need everything that is in the kit. So it is best to know exactly what comes in the moving kit before you go ahead and order it, despite the built-in convenience of having everything all together. If you have looked at the specifics of the moving kit and you feel that it fits your home perfectly, then you are in luck and all you need to do is call us on 020 8746 4336 to place an order. Or purchase online if you like. Your moving kit will be delivered straight away, so you can get started on your packing and your removal as soon as possible.

Packing and boxes UKPurchasing moving boxes individually can really add up, although sometimes this is necessary if you have a very specific set of requirements. The good news is that even buying boxes this way is cheaper when you buy from Moving Company is than from the competition. We offer great discounts and super delivery deals; there’s no better packaging supplies company out there! Removal or moving kits can be helpful, but since your home or office is unique, you may need to supplement the kit with a number of individual or specialty boxes according to the contents of your home. Moving kits do not, for example, include archive boxes. So your home office may need to be considered separate in order for you to have the right number of the proper kind of boxes. Archive boxes are easy to put together and include a lid and handles for easy transport. They are a particular size so that your documents and files will fit snugly without causing any corners or edges to fold. If you put a lot of papers and documents into a regular moving box, they will not be flush with the sides and you will wind up with a creased and crinkled mess when you unpack.

There are other particulars about home removals that may require some unique boxes as well. If you have even a modest wine collection, you don’t want to risk even one of those valuable or favourite bottles being broken during transit. You’ve spent money and time collecting those bottles, so why not make a little extra effort to ensure their safe arrival at your new home? Bottle boxes are quite handy for this purpose because they come with dividers to keep the bottles from knocking against one another. You can add a bit of packing paper if you like, but really if they are kept upright, there should be no worry about your collection arriving in anything other than perfect condition. You can even stack these boxes once they are filled, though not too high.

If you are moving and your household includes pets, you may not have considered yet how you will get them from point A to point B. You might already own a pet carrier, but if you don’t you can save a lot of money by purchasing a cardboard carrier instead of a more expensive one. The carriers have handles and plenty of airholes, so no matter where you are traveling to with your pet, he or she will be protected from any bumping about in the car.

And one last item to remember to add to your order – silica gel packets. These sachets are often when you find when you buy shoes or clothing or anything that comes in cardboard boxes. That’s because they absorb any dampness that might be a threat to your belongings. Corrugated cardboard is an excellent packing material, but it usually isn’t waterproof. While there are some coated boxes for transporting liquids, they will only protect up to a certain point. Dampness, especially on rainy days, can easily get into your moving boxes, so silica gel packs are an affordable and easy solution. As you can see, there are a lot of specifics to keep in mind when purchasing your packing materials. If you need help, we’re here for you on 020 8746 4336, or have an assessment done today to get your order perfect.

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