One of the most important things you should consider when you are moving home in the SW19 area is how to properly pack and protect your belongings. The last thing you want is to turn up at your new property with half of your things damaged or broken completely, and it’s easy to not really put much thought into packing and instead just think, I’ll grab some cardboard boxes when I can. Here is a list of all the things you will need to buy and some tips on the best ways to pack and protect your belongings:


1. Cardboard boxes: you will be able to buy cardboard boxes in a range of sizes and in different strengths, alternatively you could just get some second hand cardboard boxes from your local supermarket. Always bear in mind that the reason for most items breaking during transit are that they have been placed in incorrectly sized boxes or boxes that are weakened and offer no protection.

2. Plastic boxes: these are stronger than cardboard boxes, offering more protection and also having carrying handles making them easier to transport. With this comes an additional price so it perhaps isn’t the best options to use these instead of cardboard boxes, but it is a good idea to move anything fragile or delicate inside plastic boxes if you can afford to.

3. Wardrobe boxes: this is simply a cardboard box that is long enough for you to pack your clothes flat, this includes long dresses, coats, wedding dresses etc. More people are choosing this option as packing your wardrobe generally tends to mean it all need re-ironing, a wardrobe box removes the need to fold and scrunch clothes up meaning they don’t get as creased up.

Packaging Materials:

There are a number of things you can buy to add protection to your belongings now, here are some:

• Bubble Wrap: this is one of the most commonly used packing materials for people trying to protect their fragile vases and ornaments. It comes in small rolls of 1m, medium rolls and even large rolls of up to 50m, it can be cut to any size and shape and so can be used to protect anything you have. Plus it is great fun to pop and entertaining for the kids.

• Foam peanuts: buy a bag of these to place in boxes with fragile things inside and where the boxes aren’t full, not only will they prevent your things from moving about inside the box but they will absorb the impact from any bangs the box has.

• Packaging stretch wrap: this is basically cling film for your boxes and/or belongings. You can wrap it around a box to ensure the box hasn’t been compromised and to help to protect it against any bangs, furthermore you can wrap your things in it to help to protect them too, or to bind more than one things together, a lot of people wrap their furniture in stretch wrap to protect it.

• Packaging paper: this is a very soft paper designed to wrap around mirrors and glassware and protect them from getting scratched. An alternative use for this is as filler for boxes that aren’t full, scrunch it up and stuff it in your boxes with your belongings to create protection similar to foam peanuts.

Further to this you will need to buy packaging tape to properly seal and protect the things inside the boxes, and to reinforce the box itself, and marker pens in order to label the boxes with a note of its contents. You should also consider buying some stickers, such as ‘this way up’ and ‘fragile’ to put onto the boxes that you want more care to be taken with.

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