Moving to the London area of Islington can happen in a few ways, depending on where you are relocating from and the size and distance of the house move. Here are the moving options and their basic characteristics.

Long-distance move: Moving from the other side of England to London will definitely be a challenge, especially if you have a strict deadline for the house move. The toughest part will be finding a reputable moving company which operates nationally and has plenty of experience in long-distance moves. Once you find this licensed, registered and insured mover, book it for your approximate moving date. The next thing to do is prepare an adequate budget for the moving services. A long-distance move is more risky for your items, so professional packing is advisable. Professional packing services can start a few days before the actual moving day – this will save you plenty of time and efforts. Moreover, this way the insurance will cover the entire move – packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking. Book your flight or check the route if you are driving to the new location. Book accommodation if necessary and estimate your costs for the entire move. Local move: If you actually live in London or the area around it, you are quite lucky. However, you still need to think of the best way to move your entire household. You can hire a moving truck and load and drive it yourself. You could hire man and van service and move some of the items in your own vehicle or you can pay for complete house move and have plenty of time to focus on the other moving details. Get to know the area before moving – take a trip to the new location and take your children to their new school.

A local move is not that much easier – your children will go through plenty of emotions until they get used to the idea. Try to be understanding and stay positive; point out the benefits of the move and try to make them understand why this move is important and necessary. If you are moving to a bigger house, this will be a great motivator for everyone. Discuss the design and the space plan together and encourage your children to offer ideas about their bedrooms. The more involved they are, the easier it will be for everyone.

International move: Without doubt the hardest type of move, the international or overseas move usually requires months of preparation. Moreover, it’s the most expensive one and you need to make sure that you are well-prepared for it. Packing has to be done professionally, since your shipment will be transported on at least two means of transport. The safety of your belongings must be your number one goal when moving internationally. The other big challenge will be dealing with your children’s reaction to the news. Make sure that you inform them as soon as you know that the move is inevitable. Discuss what they should be expecting from London – culture, commuting, weather, entertainment, education opportunities,etc. Point out the positive things and show them that this is a good change for the whole family.

Moving house is a big undertaking – it’s bound to be emotional and life-changing, but the way you deal with this change will determine the success of the move and how quick you adapt to the new location.

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