Before you are moving to Spain, you should be clear on a few things. A good thing to start with is to check with your boss if it is okay to do the necessary work from another country. Maybe it is because of work you are moving. Maybe you are working from home anyway and in that case it will be easy to take the step. If you need to look for a new job, you will need to know the language or you need to look for jobs among the International companies in Spain.

When the job and economic situation are resolved and you’ve decided how long you will live in Spain it’s time to find a place to live. Maybe you will want to have some contact with other Brits who stay in Spain you should naturally choose some typical areas where Brits normally stay like Valencia and Alicante. But other than this you have lots of gorgeous places around Spain that are not full of people from Scandinavia and the UK. Maybe that is one of the reasons you actually moved here, to get away from that.

If you send a moving van to Spain, you must submit a copy of a purchase contract or a lease that says you are going to stay in Spain for more than two years; this to avoid paying duty and VAT for your moving van. There are moving companies that can take care of all movement works such as planning, packing, moving from door to door, customs declaration and even staging at the destination.

Before moving day, you need to make sure that you have a valid passport for at least six more months and you will need to order a “European Health Insurance Card” from the Social Insurance Agency. This is a blue card which entitles you to use the health care for free in EU. Though this card only lets you get emergency care in Spain. If you want a doctor in Spain who you can visit from time to time, you will need a “Seguridad Social number”. There are many lawyers that work with helping foreigners who do not speak Spanish to apply for a NIE number “Seguridad Social”, or a Residencia.

In case you intend to stay in Spain longer than six month, it’s smart to wait to report the move until you’ve tried living there for a few months. If you, after four months, are absolutely certain that you will stay here then contact your National Insurance Company and report that your move away. When you have a place to live, contact the “Policia Nacional” where you live and ask to get a NIE number or a so called Residencia. Are going to stay in Spain for no more than half a year? Then only apply for a NIE number, but if you should stay here longer apply for the Residencia. Either if you work in an International company or a Spanish company, it is important to have Residencia or a NIE number. If you don’t speak the language, you’ll have to either let someone who knows Spanish help you with your application, or use a “Gestoria” and pay someone for doing the job for you, this is recommended. While you are at it you can also register yourself in the town or or county where you live; this is called Empadronamiento and provide benefits to both the citizens and the municipality who receives a grant from the state to cover costs when you use the communal facilities.

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