While moving house can be the portal to a world of excitement and creative fun in doing up your new place and making it perfect for your needs, it can also stick in the mind as a particularly stressful time in your life, and become one that you will not want to repeat ever again if it goes badly! There are however ways to make moving to N5 a memorable experience in a good way, and we will attempt to run you through them, so that you don’t have any issues that surprise you in a bad way!

First off, the best way to make sure that you don’t have a bad moving experience is to remain calm at all times. Getting panicked and all up in a flap will only create tension with you and those who are also involved in the move, like your family and potentially the removal company. The best way to ensure that you are calm at all times is to have an answer or plan of action for every possible outcome or anything that goes wrong. The only way to ensure this is to plan extensively and make allowances for every possible outcome. Start by making a list of everything you need to do before the move, and add notes to every entry as to how you want to carry the process out. This will force you to face up to the realities of the moving process, as well as getting you into the mode of spotting and dealing with any problems that may arise. Run your list and escape plans by a friend or relative who has their wits about them, and they may be able to point holes in your ideas as well as suggest any new tasks that you may have missed.

Choose your removal team wisely, and book them in advance as this will give you the best chance of reducing the fee that they charge. If you give a company work in advance, they will be willing to lower prices in order to confirm the booking and give them the peace of mind that having work on the horizon will bring. If you book closer to the time then you might find that many companies are already fully booked, and those who are not will be able to charge more for their services as they know you are in a tight spot.

Go to the new place when it becomes empty and look in to all the work that needs to be done before you move in. Have a professional look at the boiler as well as all of the white goods, and if they need any work then get it done in advance of the N5 move. Getting these things done well before the move day will allow for any issues to be fixed before you need to use the appliances. Imagine moving in to your new place and finding that you have no fridge or heating! Check out the parking restrictions in the area and make sure that you are allowed to wait outside your new place, or you may have a bad start to your new life in N5 with a hefty parking fine!

The main way to make the move a memorable experience is to hold on to the human element in your move; make sure that everyone is happy at all times by feeding the removal men with tea and biscuits, as well as making sure that you do not neglect your family, as they will likely be finding the upheaval very difficult.

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