Packing is the most complex aspect of a home or office removal! Is the statement correct, maybe but for some it is stacking and unloading the moving van that has been hired or the car that has been loaded. This can be the easiest part of the move if it is done right though. It is just stacking and taking the boxes out once you arrive, right? Well, there is a little more to loading a truck than just stacking the boxes and unloading them once you arrive at the new destination. Some tips that will make the stacking and unloading a whole lot easier can be found here.

The first tip that will help keep your items safe during travel is proper stacking, which is comprised of two parts, weight distribution and stacking by size. Weight distribution and stacking the boxes by size need to be done simultaneously in order to get the stacking done efficiently; if the loading is not done correctly then you could end up with a bunch of damaged items and a big mess when you arrive. This happens quite commonly with those inexperienced in loading.

Weight distribution:
Weight distribution is something that should be followed strictly as it can prevent injury, damage to items and maintain stability of the boxes during transport. Heavier boxes should always be stacked at the bottom of the stack, no matter what, and this is because if they are stacked on lighter boxes they have the chance of making the boxes underneath give and then the doors are open for that heavy box to fall on someone. A 50 pound box can injure someone without a second thought. Lighter and smaller boxes should go up the stack with the lightest boxes on the top of the stack.

Stacking by size:
Making sure that all the boxes are the same size when stacked is something that just needs to be done, obviously if you stack a large box on top of a smaller box then it will not be too stable. Always try to stack same size boxes upon one another and as the boxes get smaller, you should start a new stack. You can stack boxes upon each other from large to small but then you end up with a pyramid and this will waste space and not be very sufficient. Remember when stacking to keep in mind that the weight needs to be distributed even if the boxes are the same size or at least close to the same size.

These are the two main aspects of loading a truck or van for a move and if these two rules are followed then the move should go great, although there are many other things that should be done such as using proper strapping. It is always important to strep items securely in place with straps. Otherwise boxes will always tumble while in transit and this is because the roads are bumpy and it causes a lot of movement in the trucks and vans. Usually if you rent a moving truck straps will be provided but you should always make sure that the van or truck includes strapping and if it doesn’t it should be requested.

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