As a mover you should be allowed to take every possible step to try and reduce the stress levels of your EC1 home relocation. This could be through planning and working ahead of time or hiring one of the many services that are available to help ease the burden of moving. Many services are available to you, EC1 man and van services, storage lockers, packing services, packing suppliers and portable storage solutions. All of these aim to make your move go as easy as possible. But perhaps the most famous industry which assists with home moves is the removal company. They have been a cornerstone of moving in Britain and are a well known asset to any home move. However, as with most things in life, there are good companies and bad companies. Some will look to assist you in every way possible whilst others will be unwilling to go that extra mile once a fee has been agreed. There are a number of ways to try and spot which of these companies is which and some of these techniques are listed below.

Firstly, it is important to read the fine print of any contract that you are agreeing to when looking at a removal company. In most contracts, there will be a clause that is based around insurance. A lot of companies will offer a comprehensive insurance policy that will cover the cost of any damages caused by the removal men or during the relocation process. The presence and inclusivity or such a policy is an important factor in judging whether or not a Clerkenwell removal company can be trusted. A company without such a policy probably doesn’t have one for a good reason (in that they can’t afford it, meaning they are inexperienced or outright clumsy) and ones that have a number of catches probably won’t be the people who are putting their service to you as their priority. This is a good way to find out which removal company you feel is reliable.

You can also look at individual companies and see if they offer a face to face valuation of your property removal. This is important, not only because it will be more accurate than a similar quote online but because it shows that many companies will be willing to go the extra mile, firstly for your satisfaction but also to enable them to do a good job of handling your removal. Most of the time, these call outs do not have a charge associated with them, another sign of a good removal company. In such a competitive industry, companies will have to go the extra mile to try and secure people’s business, and you would be mad not to take advantage of that.

Another, perhaps more old fashioned way of weeding out the unreliable Clerkenwell removal companies in your area is through word of mouth. People are always moving and the chances are you know someone who over the last few years has moved house in your local area. It could be a friend, family member or colleague. Gauging their experience with their removal company is an easy way to allow yourself to get an experience of a removal company without just diving into hiring them. Make sure to ask detailed questions and see what kind of move they were interested in and if there were any difficulties. Another way to do that is to go onto removal company comparison websites. Many will only compare prices and quotes from various companies, but some will provide feedback sections for you to browse through. All of this combined should allow you to make an informed and sensible decision.

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