Man and van hire can be the difference between a move being expensive and affordable. If you are moving a flat, or a small house, then it can be the perfect way to save a bit of money on removals companies, as it is unlikely that you will need to get a huge amount of stuff moved, and also unlikely that there will be a need for many men to help you out with lifting and the like. You should know exactly how much stuff you have in advance, as you will want to avoid any upset at the last minute, and these sorts of surprises can become very expensive as you will no doubt find out.

Hire a man with a van NW3 to help you with the move and you should be in for some savings. You will need to know what you are doing in order to make the savings worthwhile however, as the downside of using a smaller service as opposed to a larger removals company is in the lack of planning and organization that a remover will give you. Start by finding a removal service NW3 in your area, that will do the job. The NW3 man with a van should be from nearby, as it will hopefully reduce the costs, as there is less mileage to get to the job. Some services will charge by the hour, while some will give you a set rate, it depends on the type of company that they are. Larger services that are often part of a bigger company will usually quote you a price based on the size of the job and the distance that needs to be travelled. You will usually find that these larger companies will have larger overheads in terms of various vehicles and expensive websites, which will mean that they are usually more expensive.

This can be worth it however, as you may feel that you will get a more reliable service with a larger and more experienced company, but it is always difficult to know exactly who is going to be the best for you. Smaller NW3 removal companies start from fifteen pounds per hour, which is pretty cheap, but you should meet up with the man before you decide to use his services, so you can work out whether you really want to work with him. It is often the case that the best deals are to be found in the hands of those smaller services that are often based around someone who owns a van and wants to make a bit of spare cash out of it, rather than proper jobbing van men. There are thousands of services across London, to be found on the classifieds pages of newspapers as well as websites. The sheer number will mean that it will be hard to get a huge amount of information on each one, but it is worth googling the companies and various services for an idea as to their reliability, especially if the price is particularly low, or even extremely high. Certain companies will be on independent reviews sites, and these sorts of website will help you get an idea as to how you will be treated as a customer, as well as whether the service is worth the cost.

If you know the ins and outs of the job, as well as the state of the traffic in your area, then you can’t go far wrong with a price per hour, but if you need security, then a quoted job can be the best way to go.

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