Moving to Stockwell in London and hoping to ensure a successful move for you and your family? This is every person on the move’s ultimate goal, but there are several things that can go wrong if you don’t plan them well enough. Apart from the packing, the financial side of the move and the logistics of the relocation, there is one more thing which needs planning and certain consideration. The emotional side of the house move is something no mover will openly discuss with you or warn you about, because it really doesn’t affect them and the technical side of the relocation. However, it will certainly affect you and your family and you need to be ready for it. A house move will even affect your pets, not to mention your emotions and mindset.

Dealing with the emotional side of the house move may not be on top of your checklist with things to do to get ready for the moving day, but it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. The first thing that you will need to deal with is any change to your familiar routine which the family will have to adjust to – downsizing, changing the house for a flat, changes in commuting and getting used to the urban area of London. When you are used to having a backyard and plenty of storage space at home, moving to a flat in London will be a big change for everyone. If you are used to cleaner air, parks and more nature spots around your home, London might seem too industrialized and slightly depressing and intimidating at first. The weather in London changes a lot and this is another factor to try to get accustomed to as quickly as possible. Weather can definitely affect the way you feel about the city in general.

Your children will surely have mixed feelings about the house move and you need to be understanding and accept the fact that they will need a longer time to get used to the changes and start cooperating with the moving tasks. If you are the one who has got a great job offer, this means that your spouse will move with you and might have to leave their job. This can be quite stressful and frustrating, so you need to respect their emotions and discuss every part of the moving process together, as a couple. Don’t forget to discuss the new school for your children and involve them in the decision making process too.

The next thing to do is inform your friends and close relatives that you are moving house. This can be quite shocking to the people who are closest to you. Nobody likes seeing their friends leave, so take the time to say proper goodbyes to everyone, even if you are too busy with the packing and moving tasks. There is nothing worse than rushing to get everything done and forgetting about the people you are leaving behind. Every house move has a huge emotional impact on those who are moving and those who will miss them, without doubt. Relocating is an opportunity to start fresh and have a better life, so you need to fight the moving blues as quickly as possible and adapt to the new scenery.

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