Redecorating your home can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a real snake pit of issues that you don’t expect, with various problems arising at the moment you least expect them. The most regular problems are to do with buying things over the internet, or after a short viewing, and finding that they do not fit the room, or even in to the room, and are non-refundable. These sorts of issues can be easily avoided with a few guideline rules that if you stay alert to them, then you can’t go wrong, except in taste!

The main thing to keep in mind is measurements. Consider which rooms you will be buying furniture for and get as accurate a set of measurements for the room as you can. Think about those measurements that may not be as obvious as others, like the height of the window sill, or enclaves and the size of other furniture in the room. Everything should work together, you don’t want a tall table next to a very low sofa, or the room will feel very strangely proportioned.

When you have these measurements at your disposal, get them written down in a spreadsheet or note book, and have them with you whenever you are looking for your new furniture. Making a scale drawing of the room will also allow you to sketch in the items that you are considering buying, to see how things will fit.

Be aware that on the computer screen, photographs of certain items may have different colors from the true hues that the item has. It is best to see everything before you purchase them if color is important, as once bought, it is unlikely that you will be able to return it, given that there is no real ‘fault’ with the item.

Making sure that your new items fit the room is one thing, and it is the factor that most people put most of their thought in to, but it is completely redundant if the item won’t fit in to the room in the first place! The most common issue with getting furniture in to a house is stairs. The angles and height differences are often very tricky to get large items around, especially if the item is particularly heavy or cumbersome. Even if an item doe eventually fit, the process will often scar the walls and require a great deal of repainting or mending afterwards. For this reason you should have a good idea of the measurements of doorways and stairs leading up to the rooms that you are decorating. Longer items will need to thought about in terms of the angles that they need to be maneuvered through, as this is often another hidden surprise.

When purchasing large items like tables, sofas and wardrobes, it is important that you know you have enough man power to get them moved from the delivery vehicle to the house, and it is definitely best to have people who are used to heavy lifting to do the job for you, as even if you consider yourself pretty strong, it is best to have people who are used to the logistics of such a process, as they will have the knowledge of how things should go.

Hopefully these little hints and tips will help you furnish your place thoughtfully and cleverly, with not a single hiccup!

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