EU Moves are Complicated Affairs, But Hiring our can Reduce Your Worries

EU Moves ServicesAn EU Move may require that you make special arrangements. It is also a special and exciting time in your life and in the life of your family members. So when you are preparing for your EU Relocation, whether to Moldova or Spain, Romania or Sweden, be sure to choose a Removals Company that specializes in EU Moves. If you don’t it can mean some pretty big headaches in the months to come. Although it is getting easier and easier to move within the 27 member states of the European Union, there are a lot of hurdles still to navigate. When you arrange your EU Move with our company you will have someone assigned just to you to help you navigate those hurdles and pass any obstacles that come up.

A language barrier can be a particularly difficult hurdle. Of course, most countries have websites for information in English as well as the native language of the land, but that doesn’t always mean that everything will be clear. When you show up at the immigration office to register your residency status, you may or may not be greeted by someone speaking English. Often, documents are only printed in the local language and signs indicating where to go can be especially confusing for new arrivals. One of the best pieces of advice that we give to our clients who are planning an EU Move is to get in touch with other expats who live there already. They will have gone through the same procedures upon which you are embarking and can likely offer tips and advice specific to your destination country.

The diversity of culture and experience that you can find within the European Union is astounding. So it is unlikely that you will be moving to a place that will be very similar to where you live now. Even the banks and the post office may function differently than you expect and it can be hard to get used to a new way of life, new food and driving on the other side of the road. Spend some time researching your new home; you may even want to spend an extended vacation there so you get a feel for what the places is really like. If you are like many people, you may have fallen in love with Portugal while spending a holiday weekend there. Or you are smitten by the romance and beauty that can be found in seaside Italian resort towns and villages. But as a tourist visiting a country for a few days, you probably did not get a real sense of the daily rhythms of the place. For this, you will need to spend a few weeks there – and don’t stay at a hotel that caters to tourists, either. Rent a villa, use the public transportation, eat at out-of-the-way spots and make sure you go grocery shopping.

EU Moves CompanyThese small hints and ideas have been collected by Moving Company from our clients over the years. It is important to us that our clients have a pleasant experience when in the midst of an EU Move. We don’t want to have to come pick you up and move you back within a few months because you can’t get used to the new country! Pick up your favourite spices, pack some of your favourite photos and artwork for the walls of your new home, or take that favourite coffee mug with you. Be sure to bring an extra-large box of your favourite tea, as you may be going to a place where coffee is the only thing you’ll get at the local café.

It is important to plan your trip well in advance and to know the dates of your arrival so that you can share them with your EU Moves liaison from Moving Company is. That way, we can plan our route ahead of time to find you the cheapest, quickest way to transport your possessions. One thing that you certainly don’t want to happen is for your belongings to arrive ahead of you. It is much better that you get to your destination ahead of the moving truck or van so that you are at the door to greet it when the drivers pull up. While we won’t leave your things on the doorstep and leave, it could cost you extra if you need to put your things in Storage in your destination country. If they need to be put in Storage before you move, however, our Removal Company has got you covered. We offer our customers short-term or long-term storage, depending on your needs. We can even keep your things in a climate-controlled unit if you are worried about temperature damage being a problem.

This is the often the situation if the family is driving to their destination instead of flying. Since driving will take a few days in a cramped car, families often break up the monotonous travel with trips to some great European sights. After all, why not make a vacation out of your EU Move? It could be the perfect opportunity to visit some out-of-the-way European destinations. When you hire Moving Company is, you can leave all the paperwork up to us. Nothing will go undone and you can enjoy the adventure of your EU Move. We will even make sure you are aware of all the customs fees and documentation that may be required. When you call today on 020 8746 4336 you can get an accurate, free quote that will be far more informative than if you try to guess for yourself how much it will cost to move abroad. Don’t leave anything up in the air; we will ensure the safe arrival of your furniture and belongings in an insured, fully equipped moving vehicle driven by our expert movers. You will have nothing to worry about except how to order at the café in your new home country.

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