When it comes to house removals, some people try to do everything on their own, including packing, moving and transporting heavy furniture. However, it takes lots of practice, effort and even physical strength to move heavy furniture or pack china and glassware damage-free. DIY house removals are definitely possible, but aren’t that easy. Here are some of the pros and cons of DIY or professional house removals and the ways to decide which method will work best for your move.

First and foremost, there are a few basic questions you need to answer to define the way of the removal, such as how big your house is and what kind of vehicle the removal will require; do you have to move fragile or valuable items; is there easy access to your current and future home and others. Once you answer these questions, you will have a clearer idea whether you can manage with DIY removal or you require professional help. If you have a big house, this means a big stack of boxes, lots of heavy furniture and a long packing process. It is suggested to trust a professional removals company in that case.

Here are the positive and negative sides of both ways of removal:

One of the pros of DIY removals is that you can save lots of money, which you could actually spend on something for your new home. If you get your family and friends to help out during the whole process, you don’t have to pay movers for their manual labour and provide tips. All you have to do is provide drinks and food for everyone, as moving is a tiresome process. If you hire a moving truck and load it yourself, you will save even more. You can spread the tasks over one weekend and even drive the truck yourself. Another pro is that this way you make sure you know what’s really valuable, you can pay extra care to the fragile items and there is no need to worry about movers who don’t treat your items carefully enough. You can also take your time, so if something doesn’t go by plan, you can change the day of the removal in the last minute, without paying extra. This way you will feel much more in control of the removal process. The cons of DIY removal, however, shouldn’t be overlooked. If you hire a truck for a long time or a long-distance move, it can be quite expensive. Moreover, loading the truck yourself might take longer than you think, as you are not trained to do it. The cost of fuel will add up to the amount, especially if you hire a smaller one, which will result in multiple trips. Loading securely and organizing the inside of the truck is not an easy task either. If you don’t place the boxes the right way you can end up damaging the items. Driving needs to be safe too – no speeding and avoiding bumpy roads. Not knowing how to lift boxes properly can cause you back pains or a serious injury. The worst part is that even after you have moved to the new place, you will still need lots of energy to unpack everything.

Professional Removals:
The pros are the expertise of the trained movers, who will come with the necessary equipment and the appropriate truck for the size of your home. Their work must be within a certain time frame, so the hassle and trial-error will be less or non-existent. Therefore, you don’t have to waste that much time, energy and be stressed about it all. The cons are that it can be expensive and it depends on how many things you need to move. Another con is that the best removals companies might not be available for your move day.

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