Logistics are a main aspect of moving your home or office and choosing the right day is a big part of the planning, sometimes we only have certain days we can plan a move due to other obligation such as work but the day of a move has a lot to do with the success of a removal. It is actually a fact that most people try to move on the weekends and this is one of the worst times to move, mainly because most people are off on the weekends and traffic can get even heavier than usual in areas. This is also a bad day to schedule with a moving company too because it will be hard to fit you into a busy weekend schedule unless the move was planned way in advance, at least a month or more.

The best days to move are during the work week as most people will be to work by 9am and the streets will be just about clear at this time. Traffic can throw off anyone’s schedule and most of the time deadlines or schedules are very important during a home or office removal, meeting a schedule can be critical for most of us when moving as things are usually planned out ahead of time.

Time of day has a lot to do with the day as well, some of the times that are not good for moving is during the morning rush for workers usually between the times of 6am – 9am, these are the three hours that almost everyone is heading to work. Another time is during the work day lunchtime which is usually between 12pm –2pm; people are either going to lunch or coming back from lunch. Usually after 2pm the lunchtime traffic is all cleared up but it is best to give it another half hour. Between the hours of 5pm and 6:30pm traveling is not a good idea unless you just have no choice because this is the time that the majority of people are coming home from work and traffic jams are quite common and of course this depends on the area you are moving from too.

Holidays fall in the same category as weekends they are not the best day to move on, one because they will be hard to find an opening for a moving company if you are planning to use one, unless scheduling is done way in advance and two because many people likely will not work on the holiday and traffic will be heavy, especially in cities such as London.

If there is no choice but to move on a weekend or on a holiday then make sure you schedule with a moving company far in advance of the move to make sure that you are fit into their schedule, if you are going to hire one. If not just make sure that you pay attention to the time when your move will take place because even though it is the weekend the streets will still follow the same traffic patterns regardless. Ask a moving company what the best day for them to handle a removal will be any experienced company can give you an accurate estimate of which day will be a good day in their local market from years of experience.

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