Moving House the Stress-free Way

Moving House the Stress-free Way

17Dec 2014

Moving house can be totally overwhelming! It does get easier with practice but few people will ever say house removals are completely free from stress. As a first-time mover, the whole process can be very difficult to know where to begin or what to do. However, this does not mean you can’t make it easier. You really can and by doing so, you make moving house fun and an enjoyable experience.Use this check list to get you started on a stress-free and hassle-less house move.1 – Don’t try to run: take one small step at a timeIt’s an easy and common mistake to make: you are running low on time and still have a mountain of items to pack. You see an empty box, you look back at the pile of belongings and before you know it, you are shoving in all kinds of items as quickly and haphazardly as possible. The thing is, not only will this cause damages to items, it will make a mountain of work to do when it comes to unpacking. By separating your items into boxes that can be categorised per room, you will save so much hassle when you need to unpack. Also, the removal van can be better loaded so all boxes that relate to the bedroom for example can be put together. It is best not to rush your packing and start and finish one room at a time before moving onto the next. Approaching a house move in this methodical way makes the process so much easier and ensures everything is separated correctly.2 – change of addressThis is essential to do, and you’d be surprised how often this gets forgotten. Remember to contact all your regular mail senders to update your address. This will include local county council, doctors, banks, work, schools…make a list of people and places where your address matters and be sure to sit down and get it all down in one instance. It’ll ensure you never miss any post or important information during your house move and will save you stress in the long run.3 – Make sure your packing materials so the right jobMoving house is a worry, especially when it comes to damage for your belongings. By getting the right materials, your belongings will be protected and safe. Sturdy boxes are a must, as well as bubble wrap. If you decide to use a removal company, make sure to take advantage of their expertise and experience. They can recommend the best materials for you to use to make sure your items are fully protected. Usually with a removal service, they provide packing materials too as part of the whole bundle so check when you give them a call. The least they can do is advise you what to use and where to get them.4 – Hire a removal companyThis is a sure fast way to make the moving process an easy one. Removal services offer the full works including packing, storage, transportation, man and van services and unpacking at the final destination. By using removal experts, it can shift a huge amount of responsibility of house moving onto someone else who really knows what they are doing. Rather than doing the job yourself, it makes sense sometimes to let the pros take over. House relocation can be made simple, and this is often a cost-effective and time-efficient way to move house and make sure your removal stays smooth and easy. Removing furniture for example can be so much easier when an expert is there to handle the task for you!

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