Finding your feet while considering a move is often difficult at the best of times. Getting to know the ins and outs of the moving process can be just as daunting as moving to a new place and making it in to your new home, but lugging all of your belongings across to the new place has much less of the excitement! One way to make your life less of a living hell when you are in the middle of a move is to hire a removals company, but are moving firms SW3 worth the money?

Some would suggest not. There are plenty of options to be looked into if you are considering doing the move yourself, and many of them will be a fair deal cheaper than the sometimes astronomical expense of a removals company. If you are in SW3 then you will likely be moving from a London flat to another London flat, which means that a removals company is not necessarily necessary. You may decide if this is the case, to hire the services of a man and van. There are so many to choose from that you will be hard pushed not to get an affordable quote, as long as the distance between properties is not too far, and the amount that you need to move is manageable by one van load, otherwise things will likely start to get expensive and undermine the reason that you decided to do things by yourself.

A great way to avoid using a removals firm is to create your own temporary one! Get a decent group of burly mates together and hire a large van, and just do the whole thing yourself! This method can make the whole process a lot more enjoyable, and even be an improvement on having a professional outfit do the job. Promise your friends or family a big meal at the new house to celebrate the move and thank them for their help, this will make the event fun as well as extremely helpful on your end!

Of course with these sorts of DIY excursions, there is an element of risk. With a small flat move, where there is not a huge amount of content, as well as few valuable items, it will most likely be fine as you will only be risking a small amount of loss if one of your non-trained friends drops something. However, with a larger move, having a company on board who are highly insured and professionally trained will be much more sensible, as there will be more things to break, a larger number of bulky or heavy items that could injure an ill-trained lifter, as well as a potentially higher number of valuable items which will cause you great loss if damaged while uninsured. Do not underestimate the importance of having a professional outlook on your process, as with time comes experience and with experience comes the ability to foresee problems that the untrained eye may miss at first.

While there are arguments either way, one cannot deny that basically, removal firms are worth the money if you need a removal firm. However, if you are doing a small move with an inexpensive range of items, and have access to some strong helpers, then you may want to consider a ‘do it yourself’ approach. It is not for everyone, though what is in this day and age!? We hope these tips will help you towards making the right decision for your move. Good Luck!

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