The short answer is a resounding, no. Firstly, let’s separate good value for money and just another cheap removal firm, choosing a removal company based solely on price could leave to disaster.

Using a removal company is much more than paying for help during a move, whilst moving home, you need to be sure that your most prized possessions are safe and secure; a good price won’t always mean a good service.

It’s tough to decide what removal company is for you, with so many companies offering a similar service, and so many small companies starting up here and there, it’s difficult to decide who to choose for your move. The soundest advice is to always use personal recommendations wherever possible and to pay close attention to online customer reviews and testimonials.

Compare Quotes

Just like everything else nowadays, the internet is a blessing and a curse, filled with removal companies and services, it’s also a quick and easy way to compare prices. Whilst comparing quotes, be sure to get costs over the phone and never rely solely on internet prices. Similarly, never rely solely on the internet, however simple it might be. There could be a brilliant removal company just down the road, who either aren’t online or are difficult to find.

There are several online sites that compare removal companies for you, for the simplest approach to ensuring you get the best deal. There are also many ‘bidding’ style sites where local businesses will bid for each job. Here, you post your details and wait for the requests to hit your inbox. However, just like before, use it as a great tool to get initial quotes, but a more reputable and cost effective service might not be the cheapest.

Compare Service

It’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for. Always check how long the company has been operating and what each staff member’s credentials are. If you’re moving a particularly long way or have items of significant value, don’t be afraid to ask how many times they’ve completed similar jobs. A reputable service won’t mind putting your mind at rest and will be glad to assist you in your hunt.

When looking for a removals service ensure you check for the British Association of Movers badge, and/or look for a National Guild of Removers and Storage accredited company or individual. It will only take two minutes to check, but provide you with invaluable peace of mind for a safe and secure move.

Last, but definitely not least, will the company provide movers insurance or will you have to take out your own? Insurance is a costly feat, but it is imperative to ensure any damage is covered, and you can rest assured knowing the worst is catered for. Many removal companies provide this as part of the service, so make sure you’re aware of exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Be organised

Being organised means you’ll be far more likely to get a great deal without compromising on service. Once you have a rough idea of how much stuff you’ll be moving, you’ll know how much space you’ll require from a removal company, which means more accurate costs and quotes.

If you’re packing in plenty of time, you’ll be certain of a booking slot, which means you might save by being able to opt for cheaper times in the day. Being organised also means you’ll have more time to think of the ins and outs of the actual logistics of moving house. Will you need assistance moving awkward items, getting through narrow corridors or around stairs? If you have a clear plan of what you want and what you’ll need you’re much more likely to find the perfect removals service at the best price.

Price your move

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