Moving to Hackney might go perfectly well, but there is more to house relocations than just the shift of the household. The toughest part starts after the move, once you find yourself surrounded by so many boxes that you can’t even move around freely and everything needs to get sorted out as soon as possible. The only comfort is that you are at your new place and there is nothing to worry about anymore – all safe and sound. However, once you start unpacking and assembling, the process seems so long and tiresome that you may wish you could go back to the packing process. How can you settle quickly and turn the empty house into an actual home?

First and foremost, try to stay calm and take a deep breath. It’s not about rushing through the process of unpacking. Start with the absolute essentials and sort out the kitchen and the bathroom first. Take a shower and a nap and then prepare or order some food for the family. Make sure that everyone is involved in the unpacking. It’s best to start with the smallest room and unpack one room at a time. First unpack and arrange the largest items and proceed with the smaller ones. Some things don’t have to be unpacked on the first day – books, toys, all the clothing. There will be plenty of time to find room for them and arrange them. If you’ve been wise enough before the move to dispose of the clutter, you will have space for everything you own – more or less. If you’ve packed literally each and every item, this could be a problem.

Do you want old, damaged or useless items in your new home? This is basically just clutter which takes space and attracts dirt and pests like a magnet. Either throw these things away or sell or donate them. If you don’t have enough room, but don’t want to get rid of them, put them in a storage unit somewhere locally until you decide what to do. Try to create a welcoming, neat and cozy home – not a replica of your old place with all the junk and clutter lying around. After you’ve dealt with the essential things and assembling of furniture it’s time to take care of the utility services.

Contact companies if there is a problem with the water, electricity, Internet or phone. Meet your neighbors and ask about any specific rules in the building, if you have moved into a flat. Sort out the keys and other items and make sure you don’t block the hallway with your items. Contact your friends and relatives to let them know that everything’s alright. Go shopping for some groceries so you can go back to the familiar daily routines as quickly as possible. Write a reference to the moving company, whether it’s positive or negative. Take care of your plants and find the right place for them in the new home.

Moving house is quite a challenge, especially if you have to go back to work right after the moving day. Make sure that you unpack every evening and don’t store clutter in your new home. Try to make things differently and better – after all, the house move is also a chance to start fresh.

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