Electronic devices are becoming more popular, as we rely more on the in our everyday lives they are making their way more and more into our modern homes. In order to ensure complete protection and future easy location of these device here are some specific things to consider when packing these and moving them to a new property.

1. Before you do any packing, the electronic devices need to be cleaned. Most of these devices are left out on show and spend most of their time gathering dust. Now is an ideal time to thoroughly clean every device-not just the bits that you can see but the things that you can’t. When you clean such devices ensure all air vents are cleared of dust using a compressed air sprayer, and be sure to use the correct cleaning products designed specifically for the device you are cleaning. Make sure you extract any discs or items that may be inside these devices and pack these.

2. Once everything is clean, match all electronic device’s up with the corresponding leads, plugs and accessories so that everything you need to get the device working again is all in one place. Consider label’s, for example label plugs so that they easy to identify what device they belong to. Bond these all together so that they do not get mixed up in the new home.

3. Next you need to pack away your electronics safely. In order to do this there are few things you will need: strong cardboard boxes of medium and large sizes, stickers saying ‘fragile’ and ‘this way up’, brown packaging tape, bubble wrap or some kind of protective wrapping/cushioning. When you pack your boxes put heavier devices at the bottom, ensure very device is individually wrapped in a protective covering, pack the boxes tightly enough so that the electronic devices are not able to move around much, but don’t over pack the boxes so that devices inside are squashed in. Label each box with its contents, and stick fragile and this way up stickers on the box so that extra care is given when it is being handled.

4. When these boxes are stored in the removal van, ensure that they are not underneath anything that is particularly heavy, if possible try and secure the boxes down so that they are not able to move and therefore are less likely to break. If your van needs to do more than one journey between properties, consider taking these devices in the last load. Consider if they will fit into the front of the van or if they would be better transported in a safer way.

5. Before unpacking your electronic devices, ensure you have set up the furniture that they usually rest on, and that the surfaces are clean. Move the devices into the correct room before removing all protective covering’s, and when unpacking ensure to keep all plug, leads and accessories with the device itself. When setting these devices back up in your new home do not be afraid to refer to the user manual, just because you have set it up previously, this does not mean that you will remember how to do it correctly. It can often save you time to refer to the manual straight away rather than trying to figure it out yourself.

When you hire a removal company enquire as to what insurance is included and how your belongings, in particular your electronic devices are covered in the event of loss, damage or theft.

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